Shining the light on snoring.

GBL-Biotech offers the New Standard for a Better Night Sleep. The Australian-based tech innovator is ready to impact people’s health and wellness significantly. The founders have decades of experience in the snoring/sleep industry globally, creating an all-new wearable device aiding in upper Airway respiratory functions and upper airway tone.The Vagus nerve acts as a mediator between the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system. By promoting a balanced activity between these two branches of the ANS, the Vagus nerve helps prevent an excessive dominance of the SNS, which is associated with the “fight or flight” response. This balance is essential for creating an environment conducive to sleep.

A Call to Prioritize Sleep Health.

Given the challenges posed by the current economic landscape, it is crucial to acknowledge the significant influence on our sleep well-being. GBLbiotech urges individuals to take proactive steps in prioritising their health, seeking assistance when necessary, and exploring viable solutions to mitigate the impact of stress-induced snoring. Beyond the immediate economic considerations, the repercussions on health are extensive. Sleep disturbances linked to stress-related snoring can lead to various health problems, such as fatigue, irritability, and an elevated susceptibility to more severe conditions.


The Sleep Tech Innovators

No other personal device in this category has harnessed the power of Photobiomodulation (PBM) t0 alleviate Snoring and promote Better Sleep.

Established in 2018 by GBL-Biotech, an Australian-based company, Silent Light is committed to enhancing the sleep quality of individuals worldwide. As pioneers in the field, we specialize in developing innovative solutions to address prevalent sleep issues like snoring and restless sleep.

Understanding the bidirectional relationship between sleep and the brain and using the latest advances in technology, GBL-Biotech has developed a cutting-edge wearable device that helps the user and partner get a better night sleep. GBL-Biotech’s flagship product is the “Silent Light,” a wearable device that uses PBM (Photobiomodulation) for nerve stimulation and upper airway support.

Patent Application No. 2023900278


PBM will take us to new levels of innovation in Health & Wellness.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) has been studied for its potential benefits in improving human wellness, including its effects on sleep and nighttime breathing. The activation of the Vagus nerve, plays a crucial role in regulating various bodily functions, including sleep patterns and respiratory functions. The impact of technology on industries is inevitable. Its absence would hinder progress, limit innovation, and ultimately lead to stagnation in a world that relies on change to enhance its utility value. The Silent Light embraces technology, pushes boundaries, explores new ideas, and stays relevant in a constantly evolving landscape. 

"Silent Light". Discrete, Comfortable and Non-invasive.

The cutting-edge technology embedded in The Silent Light utilizes advanced light technology (PBM) to address a fundamental cause of snoring and enhance the quality of nighttime sleep. The pivotal role of the Vagus nerve activation is highlighted in regulating various physiological functions, including sleep patterns and respiratory activities. Through the activation of the Vagus nerve, PBM establishes a connection to improved sleep and nighttime breathing.

Stress Alleviation and Tranquilization: Triggering the Vagus nerve through PBM fosters relaxation, mitigating stress levels. Persistent stress and anxiety can disrupt sleep and contribute to breathing issues. By inducing relaxation, PBM has the potential to facilitate easier sleep initiation and promote a more profound, restful sleep experience.

A quick view of just some Snorers around the world.

25%+ of the World’s Adult population suffer from general snoring = 1.975B people.

12% of Americans have actually filed for a sleep divorce - opting to sleep in separate bedrooms.

Nearly 30% of American couples have discussed getting a sleep divorce at some point or another.

Dr Jennifer Stafford, April 22nd, 2020, Sleep Apnea

GBL, for a Good Better Life.

With Two decades of knowledge in the Wellness & Sleep industry.

Sleeping on the job and the cost to the american economy ...US$411B.

Market share, 25%+ of the World's Adult population suffer from snoring = 1.975B people.

Quality Built by an Australian team.

Discrete, comfortable & non-invasive.

Product Market fit...40% male, 20% female.

What people are saying

Mark & Amanda S

Amazed and thankful for the good night’s sleep I get when hubby is wearing the device!

VAS result.
wife 8/10 , husband 7/10

Tash L & son Matthew L

We did not know how bad our Son snored until we went away on a family holiday. He was always tired and grumpy even after having good solid 10 hours sleeps. We were asked to trial this product and the difference this made to our Son’s sleep was amazing. He woke up refreshed and his energy levels improved dramatically. I would highly recommend it.

VAS result.
Son 8/10 , Mother 8/10

Lyn & Hans G

“Overall, I was really happy with the device, including the ease of use. My sleep was much better quality, and my husband also noticed an improvement in my snoring.

VAS result.
wife 8/10, husband 7.5/10

Janice B

“I slept well & for the first time in ages, I apparently didnt snore! My husband has been complaining how loud Ive become & I often woke myself & constantly had dry mouth”.

VAS result.
wife 10/10 , husband 10/10

Kevin S

 Kevin would be snoring upstairs. All doors closed we would hear him downstairs !! Truly amazing never sleep so well in years! I feel sad if he forgets to charge it up. Highly recommend it to anyone that’s a snorer.

VAS result.
wife 10/10 , husband 9/10

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