Is snoring ruining your relationship?

A recent global sleep survey by Phillips found that 35% of those who live with snorers say that they sleep separately on occasion because of their partner’s snoring. Unfortunately, some of those who are unable to find solutions end up leaving their partners, making snoring, along with infidelity and financial problems, one of the leading causes of divorce in the world.

Our Pioneering Spirit

Photobiomodulation for snoring is an innovative approach. It needs a company that isn’t afraid to explore uncharted territories and push boundaries in the name of better solutions.

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John Woodley
Founder & CEO

With 20 years of experience in the wellness/snoring industry, John has bought innovative products to life. In 1999, he invented, developed and sold his original snoring device worldwide. After two decades of knowledge & furthering his research, John has now developed the latest in a cutting-edge snoring device allowing sufferers and their partners to achieve a better night sleep.


Stephen Burke

With degrees in Biomedical science and Pharmacy, Stephen commenced his career in the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry through management and ownership of community Pharmacies. Roles in State pharmacy management and as General Manager of a national medical centre chain, saw a diversification into business operation and corporate relations. With a strong understanding of the Health Industry, Stephen brings Good Better Life guidance in the capacity as founding partner.


Samuel Minkin
PBM & Vagus Nerve Advisory

Sam holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy) | Diploma of Fitness | Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach | Certificate 3 of Sports Training | Advanced First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation | Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy | Photobiomodulation Therapy | Vagus Nerve Stimulation Practitioner (level 2) | Practical Skills in Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

Silent Light, Leverages the Power of Photobiomodulation

GBL’s therapy device has been successfully developed using the latest cutting-edge technology. The Silent Light targets snoring at the root cause and promotes a better night sleep for all. Its compact and wearable design allows for convenient and effective treatment while sleeping. This innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize the snoring industry and improve the quality of life for the individual and their partner

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